King…let me love you.

King. Let me love you.


If no one is going to love you, then allow me to take on that role.

Society has taught you to hate yourself, to hate the life that you were dealt and to hate the woman who made you, let alone the women who surround you.

But all that has changed because I’m here.

Let me show you the ways on how your soul is supposed to be treated. I’ve been down that road too of hardship and mistreatment.

They have tried to cast out to the world that you were a thug and belligerent.

But you are the King of all Kings, don’t let them tell you anything different.

White Supremacy has lied to us all and made you feel like you were forced to assimilate, because they stole the culture, heritage, and the keys from your ancestor’s gate.

While you wake up before the sunrise and hope that you’re able to see better days.

My love, I am here to stay.

I will polish your crown.

I will massage the fears off your back.

I will peel all the lies they ever glued to your mind.

….because truly king, you are divine.

I will pursue the prey who told you, you were never bigger than the mountains.

Or that you couldn’t reach the stars.

But they know you are a God, even when standing from afar.

You were made from the cosmos, you are a star.

When I watch a king walk the way you do, I know I am in the presence of royalty.

So therefore…I give you my loyalty.

You see, I’m not interested with what you possess in your pockets.

I’m more in tuned with what you can store in your conscience.

See, as a true King, that’s where the value of gold lives.

That’s where I plan to invest.

So allow me to love you and I’ll do the rest.

I will make sure your crown stays fitted.

I will make sure you’ll never fall on your back.

I will protect and guard your God-given African mind.

….because truly King, you are divine.

As your Queen, it’s my duty to make sure that you dream in colors that don’t exist. Then I’ll be there to wake you up and help you chase those dreams into existence.

I’ll be there to run my fingers through your hair in an instant.

I’ll be there, no matter how far the distance.

Because you’re the King that I need to love, to show the world they were wrong.

Allow me to love you so we can show them that this bond is beyond…

Beyond what they stole from us, because one day we’ll get it back.

You and I together there is no way they would attack.

But King… Let me love you.

I will hold your crown while you rest.

I will stand wherever you need, I will have your back.

I’ll send positive energy all throughout your body and mind.

….because truly King, you are divine.

-Melanin Munrow


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