My Inner Goddess

My inner Goddess told me to be sexy in all that I do.

Get yourself a jade or rose quartz yoni egg…

Go ahead and buy that feminine lingerie just to sleep in.

Spinach, pineapples, berries, key limes, chia seeds, peaches, mangos, green apples, cucumbers, kiwis, cuties, and strawberries are my favorite.

You are a medicine woman in the making and do not forget that.

Experiment with every herb you can get your hands on.

If you can put it on your skin, you should be able to digest it.

Minimize you meat intake. That’s what social gatherings are for…to indulge.

You come first, so start making yourself a priority!

Remember, you are a Goddess!

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Bubble baths and showers with 528 Megahertz music playing with a candle…yes, you deserve it. Every time.

Your breast, yoni, ass, hands, and feet tell the truth about who you really are.

Listen to the Goddess, she’s talking to you.

This will preserve your youth.

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

You will sleep much better at night and will have a clearer mind.

Your yoni is tired of being hidden by your tummy.

She’s also tired of the jeans you always wear.

Wear a sundress. It never hurt you.

Shave her and leave a strip of hair, she wants you and your lover to see all of her beauty.

Yoga. Yoga. Yoga.

Always remember to take deep breaths so the universe can communicate with all the beautifulness of your insides. Answers are always given that way.

Dance like you’re naked in the mirror at home and no one is watching you.

Water. Water. Water.

Tea. Tea. Tea.

Essential oils are your best friends. Find your own personal signature scent.

Do a ritual that suits your royal life in the morning.

Do a ritual that suits your royal life in the evening.

Be Wild. You only have one life.

Where art thou positive affirmations? Use them.

Where jewelry that speaks to the souls of others.

Be present in the moment.

Find ways to always be remembered.

Find ways to be missed.

Feel good in all that you do.

Look in the mirror and tell that inner Goddess that she is beautiful, powerful, magical, passionate, and intelligent.

We are in this together Queen.



Great Manifesting,

Melanin Munrow.


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