Two different paths

So, I’ve decided to take on a new journey that I have never taken before in life. This new journey is sort of like a thrill, but we all know thrills don’t last long…I guess it’s safe to say that I am learning new things about myself and I’m learning how far I am willing to travel this journey before I get scared and return back to my old path. All I need is one bad sign, and I swear, I’m running! Nah! Who wants to run…that tends to be a little boring right. That’s why I’m on this new journey in the first place.

It’s a rush that I haven’t received before…correction! It’s a rush that I have not received in a loooooong time. And just thinking about it, I tend to get a excited. Smh…

What am I to do next?

Do I continue on this path or do I end it now before it gets worse? I feel like I have already asked myself this question already. Ugh!

Maybe I should continue on this journey because just perhaps there might be a great reward at the end. What if this gift or reward is better than the reward I have been settling with? I won’t know unless I continue to pursue it, huh?

But this tempting new journey feels so rewarding already. While walking its path, I can already breathe again. The air is so fresh, the sky is so clear, the trees talk back, and the birds sing to me without me even asking. And the best part about it, is that there are enough hours in the day. This is life. This is the journey that I have been missing. Smh…

Or maybe, it’s just too good to be true. Who invented doubt?

My heart chakra is now open.

But I don’t know when this might end. I don’t want to know.

What I have learned already while taking this new journey, that new journeys do exist. And it’s okay to experience journeys even when you’ve already started one. All journeys are not the same but it is okay to take more than one. Fuck it. You only live once. Who else is going to figure out your needs besides you? Who else is going to figure out my needs besides me?

Even if the journey I was just on made me the person I am today, it’s okay, because I have looked deep within and realized that I need to do this for me.

Yes, the journey has invested everything into me, and I into the journey. But will that old journey forgive me for detouring off another path and searching for new happiness? But what if…what if that journey I held so true to my heart has already allowed others to experience the same gifts and rewards that it has already given me? Is that why this journey became so dark, haunted, and wicked with strife to the point where I was forced to transfer on a new path?

…to be continued.

  • Melanin Munrow <3<3<3



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