Rejection Hurts

It hurts more when it comes from the one you love.

It hurts more when you have to question why they are rejecting you.


Rejection hurts.


The funny part is that it’s never a direct no… It’s the…


The “I don’t know…”

The “I’ll try…”


“I don’t even care anymore…”

“I didn’t feel like texting you back…”

“I’m done…”

Yea, I’m okay not okay…

It hurts.

It only hurts because there’s a poisonous venom shooting through my veins and I’ve came across the realization that it’s your hate towards me.

So before it reaches my heart, I close my eyes and I start dreaming of the day that I am no longer rejected…but needed by someone who doesn’t believe in rejecting the love of their life, accepting every piece of me.

Maybe if I had never hurt you, I wouldn’t be feeling this way.

My medicine taste so good doesn’t taste too good after all.

  • Melanin Munrow ❤




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