I Hated You


You were so hard on me.

I hated you.

You forced me to grow up and step into shoes that I thought I’ll never be able to fill.

And I hated you.

You made me tap into my faith in ways I could never imagine.

And still…I hated you.

You told me that I did not have time to cry because there was not enough hours in the day for my bitchassness.

I felt like I was tortured by your aggression, but all you were doing was trying to teach me love and ambition!

You wanted to see me fail succeed.

But I still hated you.

When I was ready to pick up a dandelion and make a wish, you would snatch it out of my hand, throw it on the ground, and yell that only wishers belong in fairy-tales, and how this thing called life wasn’t a drill but it was the real deal. (Rolls eye’s)

Thank God you don’t know how to read minds because when I caught that star falling, I went on ahead and made a wish and I asked the universe for God-speed because I was done with you.

You kicked my ass!

And I HATED you!

You pulled the hair I had left, and Lord knows I was stressed.

When I was dehydrated and reached for water, you would slap it out my hand and tell me that water was for the weak.

When I was depressed, you would laugh at me, only to piss me off more and motivate me to snap back into reality and go harder.

…yea, I seen you smile.

…I know you liked that shit.

I remember when I was tired and I wanted to take a nap, you’d slap the shit out of me and yell, “WE GOT SHIT TO DO!”

Oh, so you’re a Drill Sergeant with a whistle now?

Damn right I hated you. (Kicks rock)

Or what about the time when I wanted to sit up and watch TV with pajamas on because I felt like I deserved it, and my husband walked through the door from a hard day of work and I had intentions on putting Digorno in the oven… You told me to get my lazy ass up and embarrassed me so I had no choice but to make him meatloaf…

Fully loaded baked potatoes…


Broccoli and cheese…

I can’t believe you did this to me. (Folds arms)

Or what about the time when I came from school because I bombed my exam and I picked my daughter up from school and on the ride home I mumbled under my breath, “Damn, I don’t want to go to school tomorrow…” And my daughter said, “I don’t want to go either!” (Shit!!!) You grabbed me by my throat and banged my head up against the window and made me apologize to her.

Remember that?

I do.

And still it remained, I hated you.

But now, you’re quiet.

You haven’t said much because your time is almost up.

(Tick, tock, tick, tock)

You have two more weeks and your ass has to go.

I don’t need you anymore.

Because of this foolishness you and I had partaken in this year….I have to let you know…

Thank you 2015 for molding me…

I no longer hate you.

I appreciate you.

You have well equipped me for my life in 2016.

And I promise I won’t let her down.

Thank you,

Melanin Munrow


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