Reality Checks and Reminders

So here I am celebrating our anniversary with my husband. We decided to do something fun so we went bowling with the margaritas included. So while we’re getting ready for our 3rd game we decide to get something from the concession stand….Nachos. Let me tell you that it’s midnight bowling and everyone around us is drunk, shouting, and Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda is blaring through the place. We get to the line and what do I see….two women who look like they could be in their fifties, here at 1 am in the morning making nachos and serving margaritas. Then I start thinking, damn, I would hate for my mother to be here on a Saturday night working her fingers to the bone. Hell, I would hate to see myself in that position. I mean, these women looked unhappy and PISSED EXHAUSTED! Then, as I look a little further in the back, I can see their break room door ajar and I see another lady with one foot propped on a chair and massaging the other one, looking like as if she’s in agony. (Lord, please don’t let her come back and make my nachos!)

Anyway, this wasn’t my point. My point was that these women had me feeling some type of way. It is not like when they were younger, they wished to be a concession stand worker when they got older. And for all I know, one could be a widow and her husband was the bread-winner and she had to sale everything they had once the bills started stacking on her and was forced to go back to work. I mean these women did not look happy!

Then I thought of the teenagers who were looking for a summer job and a job like this would have been perfect for them. Am I lying?

These women were definitely a reality check for me because a year ago I decided to finish my education and go back to school. I just wonder will these women ever do the same because it is never too late and you never stop learning unless your purposely try. I must say education is KEY and I honestly feared for myself and my future, that I would never allow myself to get into a position like this ever in my life. I’ve had my fair share of fun and now that I am a mother I want my daughter to be able to see her mother working in a decent career that she enjoys. I must show my daughter that she must reach for the stars and beyond because somewhere in these women’s lives, they had given up hope. They gave up on themselves. Seeing that made me want to try harder in life because let’s be honest here, who wants to be the middle-aged women making popcorn at midnight bowling? This was definitely my reality check. And sometimes we need that reminder whether it be something simple or pivotal, but that night I understood my purpose on why I’m so hard on myself.


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