To be able to understand your presence has always been my biggest discovery. The many emotions you carry, from night to day, day to night, I never seem to know who will I be talking to. The pain you endured as a young man has only taught me that it was not my job or fault and that I should just let you soar into the man god destined you to be. I’m only here to verify, clarify and be the one to certify that you are the man we need you to be. The love that you give is so little but each year it rises as you become more confident and aware of who you are. To be able to wake up in the morning and provide for your family, something society told you because of your history, you will never be able to do, because of how you were raised, you will always be a statistic. But here you are, proving them wrong. Showing the man that you have always been greater then him. That the melanin in your skin was the first step to your success. My oh my was he wrong. As you stand here looking like the king god destined you to be, not only for yourself, but me, kyreen, and your unborn seed. The security that you bring me is mere of what I ever imagined. I thought that maybe I would never get my fairytale, I thought I could only imagine and feel it in my dreams. But here you stand. Strong, black, proud and beautiful. Here you stand gazing in my eyes and quenching my soul to the point where my flesh needs a gap of air. You have won me over to the point of no return. I can only be thankful as your black queen and shout to the world this was exactly the need. The need to be loved by a black man who not only has found himself, but he finally found me. Here I was, standing in your presence the whole time. But you were to blind to see. The lord told me to be patient, “patience my dear, wait and see, what I have created him to be.”

So I sat, I sat for nine years because I knew there was hope. Even when I didn’t have any.

I knew there was faith. Even when I couldn’t see.

But the greatest thing of all was love.

I felt it. I smelled it, even when we slept. I could even feel it on your lips.

This love had me over powered and the lord asked for me to wait…. And I did.

Now here you stand. Strong, proud, black, and beautiful, being the man you were meant to be, not only for yourself, but for me, kyreen, and your unborn seed.


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