Where Art Thou Friendships


Where are the friends you grew up with where you use to stay on the phone with for hours at a time? I had a few but over the years we just all grew up and all fell apart. Sometimes I wonder what made that one best friend just stop talking to you and turn their back on you? Did they see you as a threat? Were you living the life you said that you always wanted to live? It hurts because as I get older I tend to seek out new friendships, you know the friendships where you guys cant get enough of each other. I actually miss that. I don’t have one friend where I can take my child out with their children on a play date and we sip moscato and complain about our husbands. I don’t even have the friend where we can just go shopping and watch each other go in and out of the dressing rooms. It seems like no one has time outside of there home, or should I call it a sanctuary. Where are the friends who want to go to lunch for happy hour and get away from the house? Seems as though everywhere is hypnotized by Netflix. Why can’t I receive a phone call from a girlfriend who wants to go hiking in the mountains, or even camping? Where are the girls night out posses? Am I the only one who still wants to have fun? Maybe it’s me…or maybe I need to start hanging out with different crowds. It’s just so unfortunate that I spend my time scrolling down timelines in my bed when I have free time, when I really want to be out cutting a rug with girls. Is that too much to ask for nowadays? Maybe there’s a few girls out there like me who want to have fun and share their goals, complain about out husbands and bitch over politics with a glass of wine in our hands and cheese in the other. Maybe they’re out there. Until then…I’ll just keep looking.




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