The Hell That Lives Within Me


i cry about it

i pray about it

i write about it

but it hasn’t went away

i cant take it anymore, i refuse to let it stay

there’s not a moment that goes by knowing that i will have to live with this everyday

What is it?

It is the hell that live within me

i could just dig inside and pull it out but its easier said then done

Had only one “UnHoly” thought but thank God i don’t Own A gun.

there’s no motivation around me, i feel all alone

the person i use to look up to be threw me out because i was 18 and grown

can someone please give me a chance so i can just speak my mind

it wont take all day, i always stop and give you my undivided time

i ran out in the streets and try to find love the wrong way

now this hell that lives within me is here to stay

confused and dont know who to blame it on

now i feel as though im damaged goods and now my heart is torn

The devil is stalking me i can feel his presence

Don’t plan on retaliating because God has the vengeance

but what could this possibly be?

it is the hell that lives within me

I just don’t understand how he just snuck and attacked me

i was so blind, i couldn’t see

hearing those evil whipers in my ear

slowly but surely i can feel my tears

i need some space so i run to the room and get on my needs and surrender

catch me now before i let go on life and fall

blame it on the devil because he knows your plan for me is to stand tall

But what could this possibly be?

it s the hell that lives within me

i have to keep moving because i know there’s a way out

from laughing to crying its just best for me to shout

i feel as though im the only one who has problems

knowing that my God will be on time and he will solve them

fighting this hell every day isn’t working

devil trying to get me, now i see him lurking

i refuse to be another victim again

i wish i could just settle this with a bottle of gin

giving God this fight because I’m sick of this spell

Giving it to God because i know he will prevail

i didn’t choose poetry, poetry chose me

but poetry failed to realize that its hell that lives within me

written Oct 2007


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