Men and her Orgasm


I think it’s an amazing thing when a guy is more concerned about you having an orgasm rather then himself. Of course he wants one too but it’s nothing like a male caressing your whole body and trying to figure out what turns you on and what it is he could possibly do to make you bust multiples. I love it when a man takes his time into pleasing you more because i’ts more important to him that you are satisfied before he is. There are very few men out there who are willing to take that chance. He has to really love women and must get a kick at doing so. Where are they? It’s something special when a man ask specific questions during sex because he wants to make sure he’s doing it right. Questions like, how’s that? Do you want me to be still? Are you about to nut? Is that too hard? Am I hurting you? Not too many questions to where you feel like you’re in an interview because if you guys do it enough, he should no longer have the same questions. A man who isn’t afraid to be a man. Where art thou?





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