Forget the Rat Race


We have become brainwashed as a society to have a complete lifestyle. Society is in a competition with whom can have the most expensive car, or the biggest flat screen television. When you see people walking in name brand clothing, we feel as though that we are less than if we do not have what they have. We start missing the point to what life is about. We need food, water, shelter and love. When you have these assets, nothing in life should really matter. Stop focusing on what you do not have and start focusing on what you do have and life will move in a much more efficient way.

Living in a material world can affect the way you want to live. When you have game consoles, you take away the precious time you could be spending with your family and loved ones. Game consoles takes away time from you being productive. People will spend all day on a new game that was just released to gain nothing from it. There is a fetish or a passion for whatever game you are playing whether it be a sport, a car racing game, or even an army game. It would probably be easier if you went outside to play a sport because it is also healthier.

The urge to want to buy name brand is addicting to a person who loves being in the trend of mainstream. Indeed, clothing and accessories express your personality on who you are but it is not worth spending hundreds of dollars on material you cannot take with you if you were to pass away. All you receive are endless compliments, just to hang it back in your stuffed closet never worn again. This is where we start missing the real meaning in life when we assume that our clothing is going to get us far in life.

As human beings, how big must our televisions get for us to say that enough is enough? We call our cable companies and insist on having over a thousand channels only to have time to watch about fifty of them. We consume our lives with reality television and drama series on Netflix that we start forgetting who we are as individuals. Laughter and heckling is now bestowed upon the neighbor who is comfortable with themselves, who prefers to keep their floor model television that they have had for over ten years.

Expensive cars can put a strain on your tight budget for the year. We want to look good and do bad. It is easy to purchase your car cash that is ten years old, then to have to prove to your family and friends that you have more than what they think you have and buy the brand new Buick Lacrosse that was just featured on a commercial. You are now on the road trying to come off as if you have just conquered the world only to have your gas tank empty and your refrigerator slim. Trying to compete with someone you may know is only going to stress you out in the long run.

This also goes back to how you were raised. There are parents who raise their children with little and have to be frugal in everything that they do just to make sure their children have enough. We also come across parents who want to see their child have everything that they never had and they splurge consistently only to have a child who looks down on a friend who may have nothing. It is a better way of life to be thankful for the possessions you do have and not try to over work yourself with the belongings you can not afford. Time and money end up being wasted and the rat race never ends. As individuals, we constantly try and search for the newest and hottest items that are out. Our savings go on IPads, just to have a new one get released weeks later from our purchase. Decades ago, the material things that we work hard for would not have even mattered.

When we really sit back and analyze all the materialism that has taken over the real meaning in life, we come to a true realization about what really matters. We are thankful that we have access to food, water, and shelter. Other third world countries are not reluctant to express that. Being grateful for love, peace, and the ability to be able to get up in the morning is what really matters the most. These are very special and that is really what we truly need. What we need to understand as a society that the material items that we long for are also the same things that we cannot take with us when we die. Those belongings that you strived hard for are just going to get dispersed throughout the family or sent to a non-profit organization. Priorities then become miss handled and we forget what we are really working so hard for. The concept of life becomes misinterpreted by what television is constantly throwing in our face. You can also be taken in the incorrect way because you are focusing on the things you have but do not really need.


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